Daily Symptom Tracker Sheet

Keeping track of your symptoms and symptom triggers, will enable you to learn which environments or situations increase your symptoms. Rating yourself out of ten is an easy way to see how you are improving. When you begin Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy, in some cases your symptoms can increase, so by keeping track week by week you can look back over your notes and see that you are in fact getting better. If you have a minor setback by over working your vestibular system,  it can be easy to worry that you are getting worse, but with the Daily Symptom Tracker Sheet you can see that it was just a setback and you are still on the road to recovery.

Take a look at the Sample Daily Symptom Tracker Sheet, with symptoms and environmental triggers completed for you, to learn how to complete yours.

Download your own Daily Symptom Tracker Sheet

Vestibular Disorders Association (VeDA) also have lots of tools on their website to help you track your progress & help you identify symptom triggers; for example a food log and medication log.